Girls Rock! Rochester - Reflection

The first year of Girls Rock! Rochester was such a success, in my opinion. Outside of being on the camp's design team, I also helped head up the band art workshop, teaching campers how to screen print their own band merchandise. We focused on band logos, and through artistic collaboration and trust in each other, all three bands came up with their own unique designs.
Every camper printed a shirt to keep and another that was sold at the merch table during their showcase concert. There is nothing cooler than seeing an eight-year old girl screen printing!

One of my partners in crime, Emily Ianacone
Five Star Divas

GRSixx - such a crisp print!

Sonic Motion and practice prints

Shirt Design

2012 Girls Rock! Rochester official camp shirt design

Owl House Show - The Meaning of Flowers

Ink on bristol

Ink on bristol

Owl House Show - Pop Magic

Limited screen print of ten
Limited screen print of ten
Limited screen print of ten


Girls Rock! Rochester Camp

2012 Girls Rock! Rochester camp logo


I'm Carrying Something For You

My submission for Lisa Barker's group show at Owl House.

Hope Mountain Pages (Issues One and Two)

Illustrations for the Rochester-based art magazine, Hope Mountain, founded by Peter Lazarski and Mike Turzanski (aka Larzanski).

Updates can be found at hopemountainnews.com.


cedar waxwings

my roc derby bust at the memorial art gallery

roc derby auction

the roc derby bust casts will be given to their highest bidders in less than a week! i am so happy that toxin dioxin (evinn neadow) asked me to participate in this unique event to raise funds for breast cancer research. i was fortunate enough to be paired up with the little jewpowski and was given free rein over what the finished piece would look like. i chose to focus on "the old woman in the woods", my all-time favorite grimms fairy tale.



photograph by brian boucheron

second storie was so lovely. while i felt rusty in getting back into shows, i had a fabulous time and spent time with lots of fantastically creative people. i am feeling so inspired, with plenty of ideas for new zines swimming through my consciousness. i can't wait to get started!


crunch time!

ah, procrastination. i stick my tongue out at you. i am ready to jump back into a creation frame of mind and get all my business together for the show this weekend. printing gocco is the name of the game this time around. once life is a little quieter (read: december), i am looking to explore my illustration style through embroidery. i must say, i am very excited about trying this out!
i hope you can make it to second storie this weekend!


please join us!

november 28th 11am-6pm
november 29th 11am-4pm
visual studies workshop auditorium (university avenue entrance)
31 prince street
rochester ny 14620

the perfect place to find your holiday gifts!

for more information:


brunch, big band & babies!

a new card design for my friend's baby shower brunch and a limited edition gocco print that will be available for second storie!



i'm beginning to notice a bug theme.



i am so excited by terrariums, with this being my first attempt. i bought the beaker at antiques and old lace, while the stones are from my street, the dirt is from my yard, and the moss is from a local church. tillandsia and faux buggies are from arena's.

making private little worlds just feels so wonderful. time to make some more!


summer nights

2009 master of teaching art show

the art show was a hit! the work shown was comprised of the thirty placements that my classmates and i taught. i chose work from both of my city placements (grades 1-8), and it was so wonderful to get to see my students again at the opening. art shows rule!


community garden

star alley is the community garden where pete and i care for a garden bed. today we are planting (though slightly behind schedule) basil, peppers and beans. i was asked to paint one of the tables that sits at the entrance to the garden, to which i happily obliged. summer is here!


memories of summer

inspiration for the paisley picnic table i painted last summer.

happy WAY-belated valentine's day

i took a little break from lesson planning to gocco print these stickers as my valentines to everyone. fun!

lesson plan - high school art club

collaborative zine on peace.

lesson plan - grades 1 & 2

patterned profile portraits!

lesson plan - grade 5

gee's bend mixed media collage quilt squares


collaboration between me and peter lazarski.


zine bulletin board

collaboration between me and my classmate, patrick ander. i love zines and i love making bulletin boards!


vegan sugar cookies

funny to think that last christmas i used this cookie cutter to make vegan doggie treats.

pete's 26...

so i made him vegan pacman cookies. a pacman cake will soon follow!