design number 2

now available at john's tex-mex!


i just wanted to impart unto you the fact that i'm in the beginning stages of making a very exciting series. i will be illustrating twelve of the most endangered animals in north america, and i am so excited! if anyone has any preference of animal, tell me! i think i have narrowed down a fair part of the list:
-blue whale
-red fox
-black-footed ferret
-california condor
-sea otter
-gila monster
-volcano rabbit
-chiapan climbing rat
i am still have a little bit of a hard time thinking of amphibious/reptilian animals, and i wouldn't mind another bird. if anyone thinks of something, clue me in!

i am really looking forward to doing other continents in the future. that will give me even more of an excuse to finally draw the world's cutest animal:


sketches on my wall

painting for sara (in-progress)

here's a painting that i am currently working on for my dear co-worker, sara. it's such a simple painting, but it has been causing me lots of block. the detail photo i took didn't really show the background, so i took out the color via photoshop. i better finish it soon so i get to start wearing the gorgeous garnet/labradorite bracelet she made me in exchange! soon, sara, SOON!
let me know if you want me to stick with the red/orange/soon to be added purple palette, or if you want me to veer towards a cooler palette.


disgruntled wegmans customer

this lay-dee was awesome. i wish i could have given her a hug as she grumpily sat and waited.
the scan looks dirty thanks to my attempts at frugality (aka drawing on both sides of thin sketchbook paper).


happy birthday to pete!


the official new tee for john's!

it should be printed and wearer-friendly in a week.

branches for you


where did their right legs go???

2004 print

so, here's the first tee shirt i designed for john's. after doing three reprints (yippee), john wishes for a new one...and i said i would finish it today. wish me luck!