herbivore magazine

(cover NOT by me)
herbivore magazine's july online issue is up, and i am in it!!!!!!! if you are a subscriber, just go to the art gallery, and my endangered animals series is the feature for the month. excitement ABOUND.

three cheers and a hollerin' hoot for herbivore!



north american endangered species set

i am currently taking orders for the screen printed set of the ten illustrations i recently finished. all the color comps have been previously posted for you to get a handle on what they will look like (2-3 color ink split with line drawing printed over). it will be a limited run, so order soon! feel good about getting a set from me...not only will you have 10 limited edition prints to hang in your abode, you will be helping greenpeace (www.greenpeace.org) AND making it possible for me to continue this project. asian species will be next!
email me at marlene.heuer@gmail.com for more information.


sketchbook sneak a peak

square sketchbooks are where it's at, folks!
i'm generally awful at starting and finishing a single sketchbook,
but this lovely 4''X4'' is serving my tastes so well. down with el rectangulo!