my etsy shop is now up and running. the endangered species series can be purchased directly through it. how wonderful and easy!

please visit www.marleneheuer.etsy.com and peruse all the lovely artists and craftspeople showing their wares. please support handmade goods!


the easiest, best chocolate cake recipe around! the bs stands for baking soda, while the p sugar is powdered. enjoy!

more mini-drawings


unwed sailor

look for these on the streets of brooklyn. thanks tom!
and anyone that CAN go this to this BETTER go to this, because it will be amazing, no doubt.



to be professional...

involves business cards, it seems. so i'm designing one! monk is asleep in the tire swing, but i'm not sure what he is dreaming about yet. any guesses would be helpful.


renegade crafting!

the weekend of september 8th and 9th, something wonderful is going to happen in rochester, ny.

second storie} indie market will have begun, and pete and i will be there as 'tis print studio!

everyone should come and blow off clothesline. kidding. but you should come to us BEFORE you go to clothesline. for more information, head on over to: