botanical and zoological illustration - barred owl rendering

most definitely not my thing.

illustration timeline - history of art education

so, for my history class, we were asked to create a visual timeline of our respective field. mine being illustration, i made a "library bag" filled with tiny homages of the picture books most influential to me as a child. in each book, i left a library card with the last date stamped being approximately the time i personally discovered it.

(Books, from left to right: J. Otto Seibold's Alice in Pop-Up Wonderland, Betsy Lewin and Doreen Cronin's Click, Clack, Moo, Edward Lear and Ruth Sanderson's The Owl and the Pussycat, Kit Williams's Masquerade, Eulalie Osgood Grover's The Sunbonnet Babies in Holland, Stephen Cosgrove and Robin James's Serendipity, Wanda G'ag's Millions of Cats, and Clinton Hatchett and Stephen Marchesi's The Glow in the Dark Night Sky Book.)


a milkweed story - history of art education

for my history of art education class, we have been asked to prepare a book relating our art to our future as teachers. i thought this would be a great opportunity to finally make my first zine!
this is the cover, which i gocco printed gold on chocolate paper. all i have to do now is finish the book.
wish me luck!


go leanne!

(my favorite dress to wear ever)
i had to post a good luck note to leanne marshall, one of the contestants in this season of project runway. i've had the pleasure of ordering clothing from her in the past from her etsy page, and i think she is the cat's meow.
to purchase from leanne directly, visit her sites:


1st attempt at gocco

printing gocco style was much easier than expected. i'm looking forward to experimenting with multiple screens and colors.